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Our story

Scandinavian design with respect for Chinese culture. Originality and freshness of thought. This is what sums us up. We are designers Tapio Anttila and Jonas Hakaniemi, our design company name is Anttila & Hakaniemi. We come from a faraway northern country, Finland, and we have combined design experience in international markets of half a century-long.

Our goal is to inject fresh blood of Finnish design into Chinese market. We help Chinese furniture companies to upgrade their design, and to expand their product range to the direction of authentic Nordic style. We hold respect for the Chinese lifestyle, we commit to the original design, and we listen to the needs of China’s new generation of consumers.

We have been operating in the Chinese market since 2016, and we have worked closely with several Chinese companies, like Zaozuo. In 2020 we won a major international design award for our Chinese client: the German IF Award.

In the future, we will focus even more on the Chinese market and look for potential partners who have long-term cooperation intention to join us. We will listen to your needs in a patient and attentive manner. Are you one of those companies?

Please feel free to contact us at any time. Let’s build success together and lead the future in a new direction!


Design Award 2020
Kapok Product Design Winner
TDA award
Habitare Eco Design

Design philosophy


What we are?

We are design company with roots from Scandinavia.
We provide design and project management services to upgrade your brand value.


Whom we serve?

We aim to serve the best Chinese brands.


Why choosing us?

We design authentic Scandinavian style, and we value long-term collaboration and mutual trust.


How we do it?

We follow the systematic design process, and willing to listen and be flexible.

Collaboration process

Collaboration process
Collaboration process


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Product design

Furniture design

Logo design

Lighting design

Exhibition design



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ZaoZuo x Anttila & Hakaniemi

The Chinese lifestyle brand ZaoZuo has launched the products Anttila & Hakaniemi designed for them. The collaboration that began last year will now become concrete with the Frame product family that includes, for example, versatile, multipurpose side tables and products designed for storing shoes and clothes.

Plywood and metal rods were determined as the materials early in the design process. The goal was to find a recognizable, minimalist and attractive design language without compromising functionality. At the same time, the structure had to be sturdy, lightweight, reliable and easy to assemble for the end customer. The packaging for the products which are mainly sold online needed to be optimized for small spaces.

ZaoZuo was founded in 2014 and its creative director is the Italian designer Luca Nichetto. The idea is to provide the fast-growing Chinese middle class of 500 million people beautiful and affordable furniture and home decor.

ZaoZuo combines Scandinavian design and high-quality Chinese production. The products are mainly sold online, but brick and mortar stores are currently found in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.


Tapio Anttila

Tapio Anttila
founder /
interior architect / head of design
email: tapio@anttilahakaniemi.com
phone: +358 40 521 2606

Jonas Hakaniemi

Jonas Hakaniemi
founder / head of design
email: jonas@anttilahakaniemi.com
phone: +358 400 547 856

Jie Luo

Jie Luo
project manager /
communication / designer
email: jie@anttilahakaniemi.com
phone: +358 46 5316 764